🤝After Your Event

  • Follow up with participants via email to thank them for joining your event. You should also make sure to thank your volunteers and any sponsors who may have helped make the day a success.

  • Make sure to complete the Post-KC7 Cyber Competition Survey. We’ll use this information to issue digital badges to all your participants. These badges will help participants highlight the skills they mastered while participating in the KC7 Cyber Competition.

Please take some time to complete the KC7 Cyber Competition- Organizer Survey. Your feedback will help us improve the experience for future KC7 Cyber Competition organizers.

A note from the KC7 team:

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! ❤️ We couldn’t do this without the support of fantastic organizers and volunteers, like you. You are making a difference and helping make the exciting field of cybersecurity more accessible to everyone. We sincerely hope you choose to host another KC7 Cyber Competition in the future. Please stay connected with us in the KC7 Community. We look forward to working together again soon ☺

- The KC7 Foundation Team

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