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Learn how to structure you competition

To participate in the KC7 Cyber Competition, learners will analyze security log data stored in Azure Data Explorer (ADX). Each module contains a Training Guide that provides learners with a step-by-step walkthrough of the fundamental concepts of cybersecurity analysis. Additionally, learners will find examples of how to use ADX and Kusto Query Language (KQL), which they’ll use to answer questions.

As learners analyze the security logs using ADX, they’ll submit the answers to questions in the KC7 Scoreboard. These questions will help them to look at specific aspects of the intrusion and complete an end-to-end cyber investigation. Students will work in teams to answer the questions within the module and they’ll earn points as they answer the questions correctly. Here’s an example agenda:

4-Hour Event

20 mins

Introductions + Competition rules

10 mins

Break into teams + team introductions

3 hrs

Team work

10 mins

Announce winners

20 mins


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