🙏Closing Your Event

You had a wonderful event! Time to celebrate!

Share Final Standings

  • First, take a moment to congratulate everyone. Students should celebrate their success regardless of final standings, as they all excelled and learned something new in a challenging space.

  • Then, announce the winners. For in-person events, you can share prizes with winners as you announce them. Make sure to get pictures with the winning teams!

Closing Remarks

  • Remind learners that KC7 shouldn’t be the end of their cybersecurity journey. Encourage them to stay connected with their judges and with each other as they continue learning more and advancing in the cybersecurity field. You should also encourage them to stay connected to KC7 on Twitter and via the website at kc7cyber.com.

  • Encourage them to share their thoughts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Before learners leave, ask them to complete the Event Participant Survey found in the KC7 Event Kit.

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