Integrating KC7 into the Classroom

How do I get started with KC7 in my classroom?

To start, visit the KC7 website and follow the instructions provided to set up an account and access the materials and resources available. Each learning module is accompanied by a Training Guide in the tool bar that provides an overview of the story and the basics of using KQL (Kusto Query Language).

What materials or equipment do we need to use KC7?

You'll need a computer with internet access for each student or group of students, as the activities are conducted online. Each session works best using at least two browser tabs; one tab to view questions/submit answers and another to browse the ADX (Azure Database Explorer) and search for information.

How can KC7 be integrated into the existing curriculum?

KC7 can supplement STEAM curriculum by offering practical experience in data analysis, logical thinking, and cybersecurity. It can be integrated into computer science, mathematics, and technology classes. Additionally, the story-based aspect of KC7 makes the game practical in ELA classes too as students will begin to understand the processes needed to think like and prevent hackers using the Cyber Kill Chain or Mitre Att&ck frameworks.

Can KC7 be used for remote or distance learning?

Yes, since KC7 is an online platform, it is well-suited for remote or distance learning environments. As long as there is an available internet connection, anybody can sharpen their security analyst skills from wherever they are doing their learning.

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