Using KC7 in the Classroom

How do I monitor my students' progress in KC7?

KC7 provides a global leaderboard where students can see where they’re ranked globally. More specifically, however, teachers can obtain a “classroom” by contacting KC7 where they can select specific modules for their students and find a local leaderboard that shows the progress of all members of their particular organization.

Can KC7 accommodate students with different skill levels?

Yes, KC7 is designed to be accessible to beginners while still offering value to those with more experience in cybersecurity and data analysis. There are currently 14 different games at various skill levels, so as more advanced learners complete modules, they’ll have plenty of games at varying levels of difficulty to explore.

What if my students or I encounter problems using KC7?

Check the KC7 website for troubleshooting tips and support contact information. Engaging with the community through forums may also provide solutions.These FAQs are designed to address common concerns and questions from educators considering incorporating KC7 into their teaching. Eventually, you will find that tough questions will offer links to tips and practice questions to hone those skills - before you know it, you’ll have experts sitting in your classroom ready to lead the next generation of security professionals.

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